Go to Market Testing, Your Distribution Fate


A highly-qualified distributor has advanced through your systematic evaluation process (PS: most companies wing-it!), and you are driven to the goal-line of signing a distribution agreement and getting your first PO. Congratulations! Keep in mind, though, that there is 50% chance this distributor will fail. If you skipped Go-to-Market testing to “stress test” this group, you’re now are relying on preliminary information and nothing objective to determine if they are the “the best” vs. “good-enough”. You lack critical information to build launch, Go-to-Market, and the core terms of a successful distribution agreement where you both win.

Excellence in Go-to-Market testing, goals, training, and reporting format all matter. This separates those who talk from those who walk. This becomes the basis of your mutually agreed upon future success. The details, process, and tempo to do it right should not be developed in the moment when the distributor says they are ready to sign and you realize you rushed it. Goalpost Global arms companies to accelerate long-term profitable international sales, all while giving you a proven plan to avoid the mistakes that could wipe it all away.