The Launch Party to Skyrocket Brand and Sales


A highly qualified distributor has advanced through your systematic evaluation process (PS: most companies wing-it!), and you are about to sign the distribution agreement. The first year of hard work is about to begin for your company. This is your chance to earn the right to their mindshare and drive serious growth. However, there’s a huge problem if you skipped the Go-to-Market testing and have nothing to offer the distributor other than US training materials and the quarterly phone call of “where are my sales?” This is not a partnership, and you should expect the distributor to focus on your line with the same effort.

KOL site development, early product demonstration benchmarking, and US VIP product launch events all come together to bring your distributor and your product line key momentum for decision makers. Goalpost Global arms companies to accelerate long-term profitable international sales, all while giving you a proven plan to avoid the mistakes that could wipe it all away.