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Virtual Launch

Our Virtual Launch Program is designed to remotely provide you with a proven, actionable plan, all core processes, and templates via online library to launch into international sales.   This program relies on you to take this and train the broader team and execute the major milestones based on the knowledge provided.   This program has access to various additional program elements as optional modules.

Live Launch

Our Live Launch Program is designed to give you a personalized and hands-on approach in assisting you with your launch into international sales.  In addition to everything in the Virtual Launch, you will receive a 2-day live training seminar bring the material to life with dynamic process & template co-creation as well as intensive Q/A to structure the execution plan tailored to your specific market needs.   This program has access to various additional program elements as optional modules.

Partner Launch

Our Partner Launch Program takes all of the Virtual and Live Launch and goes further; week by week we are in the trenches with you executing a highly customized strategy.  The Partner offering is designed to work closely with you each step of the way over the critical building period to ensure the greatest opportunity for success.  In addition to the initial 2-day training, you receive weekly support and periodic live follow-up training to make sure you international sales kick into afterburner.   This program includes the full suite of services offered and goes further to provide a complete digital content build of B2B courtship resources and webpage as well as a complete template for construction of an international distribution agreement.  Additionally, as an option, we can source qualified candidates per target region and putting them in direct contact with your team to advance them through the vetting process.

Goalpost Global is Accepting 2018 Engagements Limited Availability of Partner Level

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Live and Partner Levels Qualify for Goalpost Global Guarantee for the Discovery Portion of the Engagement

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