Are you and your team lost when navigating the universe of work and time? 

An engagement with Goalpost Global provides you and your team with a tested roadmap to plan, execute and grow significant incremental international sales; all while avoiding the landmines that can be avoided.  This is not theory, it is actionable knowledge Goalpost has developed through over a decade of direct experience in international sales leadership in over 50 countries worldwide.  Taking companies from zero dollars and zero international distributors to over fifty distributors covering near eighty world geographies; producing multiple tens of millions in new, profitable sales. Highlights of the program include:

  • Maximizing Your Returns - Best Market Identification & Critical Resource Planning is integral to understand before you charge off into new cultures, buying processes and markets.  Not every market is created equal and having the right resources ready before you begin minimizes mistake, lost time and bad first impressions.   
  • Obtaining proven Templates & Systems guidance to court, close and start up new distribution lays the groundwork as you Plan To Succeed; building the plan that avoids missteps potentially leaving your product orphaned in a market or profits eaten by surprise costs.  
  • Sourcing and Signing Top Global Distribution is part art and part preparation.  The cultural negotiation style of each region is different, finding fully vetted, high-quality firms that will focus on your products and meet their sale targets, qualifying them and signing them to an agreement that holds them accountable.   We deliver more than knowledge, we deliver the means to execute this in a systematic manner including contract, IP and regulatory guidance.
  • Opening Your First Top Markets, Accelerating and Sustaining takes you beyond the honeymoon period.  How do you ensure you will hit your first-year targets? Can you effectively transfer your messaging, training, sales & marketing assets that embeds the right behaviors, cements your brand and protects your global pricing to all of your markets in every time zone simultaneously all at minimal costs?  Goalpost International can.  

The Goalpost Global engagement is just that, engaging!  Learnings are packed with real-life examples of where things went very right and very wrong.  You get the benefit of a decade of knowledge and hindsight to avoid mistakes.  We support you along the way and can even help you deploy in foreign markets.  International sales can add upwards of 20-50% to your company revenue once fully developed.   Diversification is priceless in ever-shifting global economies.   When the US is struggling overseas is often booming.   Ignoring major world markets leaves growth on the table for your competition to take unchallenged.   With Goalpost International your success is not a matter of guesswork, it is just a matter of beginning the journey together.

4 Things I wish I knew before diving into international sales


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Chris Schnee- Global Business Builder, Principal  Email:

Chris Schnee- Global Business Builder, Principal


Chris Schnee

Chris has personally traveled to nearly forty countries around the world establishing international sales in greater than seventy.  He has the real-world experience in building powerful international sales returns.  An innovative business executive and strategic thinker, he understands the complexities of developing international business, avoiding landmines and creating long-term profitable revenue streams.

Extensive healthcare medical device, capital, consumables and medical imaging sales strategy, Chris is a tested senior leader with experience in start-up through Fortune 50 companies.   Chris most recently served as Vice President International Sales & Marketing and prior General Manager, Vice President Sales & Marketing at US-based medical companies.

David McAndrews- Founder of the Goalpost Group   Email:

David McAndrews- Founder of the Goalpost Group 


Dave McAndrews

David is a business builder specializing in content development, sales strategy, negotiation, organizational leadership, branding and business development. 

The Goalpost companies exist to provide fuel for growth. Whether the fuel is needed in the form of building out a companies digital platform or developing right strategy for international sales Goalpost is built to make your company better.