1. You realize that upwards of 50% of your total market is not in the US and you want new, significant incremental year over year growth. 
  2. You know that while the US is the world’s #1 market, having a global revenue stream diversifies your business and protects your company from downturns in the US.   When the US is down international is usually booming.
  3. You suspect that your competition from both the US market and overseas is taking market share in regions you are not playing; taking opportunities off the table that you should be winning.
  4. You understand your differentiated product value well and can deliver strong messaging to sales, marketing and training assets.   If you need help here Goalpost can help!
  5. You recognize that “two steps forward one step back” is a great dance move but terrible in sales.   Avoiding preventable, costly mistakes has you hungry to learn from those that have successfully gone before you.

AVOID PITFALLS: What to know before you begin

With Goalpost Global Group your success is not a matter of guesswork, it is just a matter of beginning the journey together. Our understanding of international sales dynamics aligned with your personal business objectives will help you navigate the universe of international relations relieving stress, preventing burnout and providing the cultural process and understanding needed to set your business up for success. 

Parts of your personal roadmap:

global roadmap.jpg
  1. Critical Resource Planning
  2. Best Marketing Identification
  3. Maximize ROI
  4. International Distributions Agreements Templates
  5. Sourcing and Signing Top Distributors
  6. Open Top of Markets and Sustain Sales
  7. Navigation: Where to go, What you need, Who to partner with, How to structure it

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Sales and marketing guidance to get you from where you are to where you want to be with Goalpost Group


Most company owners spend all of their time keeping their company on course. If they were not spending so much time putting out fires they might love to implement a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to plan for the future. But even if they had the time, they would still need the expertise and the right plan to be successful. 

Here are 4 resources that will help you understand how Goalpost works with businesses to help them step out of the whirlwind and focus on laying the foundations for growth and sustainability: