International Sales and Distribution

Goalpost Global launches clients into successful international sales by using a proven framework that avoids catastrophic failures and secures success.

Navigating international sales can sometimes leave you feeling like you are lost in space...

In this time of globalization and trade, it is more appealing than ever to envision breaking into untapped international markets.  But before jumping right in, do some research and create a plan.  There are many things to consider in forging a successful strategy while side-stepping the avoidable, hidden dangers.  Learning the cultural nuances of major markets, identify the top markets to target, ready key processes and resources to ensure a good first impression and long-term marriage, source & sign high-quality firms that will deliver results, and do more than launch; accelerate your growth!  Understanding and being prepared for everything that goes into international sales can be the difference between long-term sustainable growth and a permanently damaged brand and global market opportunity.

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4 Things I wish I knew before diving into international sales

An engagement with Goalpost Global Group provides you and your team with a tested roadmap to plan, execute, and grow significant incremental international sales; all while avoiding the landmines that are seeded on your path.  Customized to your unique need, this is not theory; it is actionable knowledge Goalpost has developed through over a decade of direct experience in international sales leadership.  Taking companies with disruptive solutions from zero dollars and zero international distributors to over fifty distributors covering near eighty world geographies; producing multiple tens of millions in new, profitable sales.   

Fill out to download "The 4 Things I Wish I Knew" guide *
Fill out to download "The 4 Things I Wish I Knew" guide

We know what to do, and what not to do because we have worked with distribution partners in 47 countries!


Any company can avoid the pitfalls of international distribution of their products when they learn where to go, what they will need, who to work with and what it should look like.


Goalpost Global is here to help you succeed at international sales by:

  • Identifying the right markets

  • Planning your critical resources

  • Sourcing & Signing top level distributors

  • Launching & Sustaining your new markets

Reach New Revenue

International sales can add upwards of 20-50% to your company revenue once fully developed. Discover the benefits of a decade of knowledge and hindsight in over 50 countries. With support along the way, learn how to deploy in foreign markets while avoiding costly mistakes.

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